Brolly is a texting friendly umbrella

Brolly is a texting friendly umbrella

With everyone and their mama texting and chatting these days, some old gadgets need to change to accommodate our new habits. For long time, umbrellas were the same, dull objects not many of us liked to use. No more – with Brolly you can both be protected from the rain and chat with your buddies. That’s because this umbrella has a unique finger hole grip that frees your thumb, allowing you to type while on the go (and while in the rain).

The official pitch goes like this:

With its patent-pending finger hole grip, the Brolly puts your hand in full control of the rain umbrella, making it nearly impossible for you to lose your grip or grasp. Durability is the keystone of the umbrella. Its ribs are reinforced with fiberglass to handle strong winds and the frame consists of steel and aluminum. Even little things, like plastic around the umbrella tips, were incorporated to prevent people from being poked in the eye with metal tips.

Available in blue and black and green and black for $20, Brolly is “compact, stylish and comfortable to hold onto.” You can buy it online and at select local retailers throughout the U.S.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Want one of these. Coool. 🙂

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