Sony Xperia Z Ultra priced in Europe: around 700 EUR for the unlocked unit

Sony Xperia Z Ultra priced in Europe

It was pretty obvious that the newly announced Xperia Z Ultra will be an expensive device, we just had to wait to find out how expensive.

In France, users unwilling to sign-up for a carrier contract will have to pour out 729 EUR; while in the Netherlands, Sony’s phablet will cost 10 EUR less.

That’s a lot of money and since you’ll need some minutes, texts and more importantly megabytes (actually gigabytes), we can’t but suggest getting the Xperia Z Ultra from a carrier which should offer it for less with a two-year term. It remains to be seen whether some operator or third-party phone retailer will offer the device for free. If that happens, I would have to guess users will be forced to go with a 50 EUR per month tariff. We’ll let you know if we hear about some hot deal involving the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Stay tuned…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Whooa. That’s like a fortune.

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