AT&T Releases Unscripted Mobile Series, @SummerBreak

AT&T has released an unscripted mobile series that is sure to provide a ton of entertainment this summer. The series, @SummerBreak follows a group of teenagers from L.A. on their summer adventures before they shove off to college. The series is a collaboration between AT&T, BBDO and the Chernin Group.

“@SummerBreak brings mobile technology and entertainment together in a way that’s really unprecedented. Our goal here, as always, is to provide unique experiences for our customers by engaging with them in an innovative way.” –  David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Mobility

The series is an unscripted look at the life of teens who share every minute of their lives on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube. The series consists of small, short episodes which are announced via Twitter, and hosted on YouTube.

The series doesn’t just surround the episodes however, as viewers can follow the lives of the stars via practically any social networking site, which AT&T is dubbing a “new reality experience.”

So what are you waiting for? Go check out @SummerBreak and get ready for some seriously good times.

L.A. Kids Embark on the Summer of their Lives as @SummerBreak Kicks Off June 17th

First-Of-Its-Kind, All-Access, Unscripted Social Media Experience Unfolds in Real-Time from AT&T, BBDO and the Chernin Group

Los Angeles, California, June 11, 2013

Beginning June 17, the next wave in entertainment puts you right in the middle of the action as a group of SoCal teenagers heat up social media with @SummerBreak, a first-of-its-kind, unscripted mobile series that can be experienced virtually anytime, almost anywhere from AT&T*, BBDO and The Chernin Group.

As they explode out of high school for one, final, life-changing summer together, the teens will share their experiences in real-time on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube ? telling their stories, their way. Followed for the summer by the production crew, the @SummerBreak Twitter handle will be the hub of the show, re-tweeting the most exciting content, and releasing the daily and weekly episodes, allowing followers to get to know these kids intimately over a summer when anything can happen.

“@SummerBreak brings mobile technology and entertainment together in a way that’s really unprecedented,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Mobility. “Our goal here, as always, is to provide unique experiences for our customers by engaging with them in an innovative way.”

There are no scripts here, no TV networks. Unlike traditional series filmed months before airing, @SummerBreak will be released in real-time, immersing followers in the drama as it unfolds, offering an unprecedented connection to the characters and the story.

“Today’s kids are master storytellers, crafting and sharing their own realities through social media,” said producer Billy Parks, who also serves as EVP of Production and Programming at Chernin Digital. “On Twitter, they let us know how they see the world. On Instagram, they frame their lives. On Tumblr, they collect images that tell us who they are. On YouTube, they’re filmmakers. We’re creating a new kind of experience that amplifies the stories these kids are already telling—in their own voices. We’ll put those stories out there, in real-time, and let the fans and the followers be the editors.”

“From day one, we couldn’t imagine better collaborators than AT&T and BBDO,” continued Parks. “They are consistently pushing boundaries with the technology that defines this generation.”

“As with any successful collaboration, each member brings something different to the table,” Christopher added. “The combination of AT&T’s mobile technology leadership, The Chernin Group’s entertainment industry expertise and BBDO’s creative capabilities will help drive this project’s success.”

“As AT&T’s creative agency, we’re always looking for entertainment opportunities that can demonstrate how the AT&T network delivers new experiences for youth that reflect their mobile lifestyle,” said Teddy Lynn, EVP and Director of Content at BBDO New York. “Discussions between Chernin, AT&T and BBDO led to a collaborative story idea that eventually turned into this new reality experience.”

Audiences everywhere are invited to follow the journey through the @SummerBreak social feeds and the personal social media handles of the cast with videos, tweets, confessionals, updates, and chats that roll out in sync with the teens’ daily lives. Experience the parties, beaches, road trips, drama, summer romances and break-ups as they happen.

@SummerBreak is an invitation to experience a life-changing summer through the perspectives of a group of dynamic, passionate LA kids whose problems, hopes and dreams are familiar to everyone, everywhere.

Real life. Real kids. Real Time.

“This has never been done before,” Parks said. “@SummerBreak removes that gap between the characters and the audience, and lets these kids tell their own stories. We have no idea what’s going to happen this summer. But that’s what’s so exciting.”

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