Here’s how mobile has changed the way we live [infographic]

Here's how mobile has changed the way we live

As I’m writing this, some 20% of U.S. smartphone users are “smartphonatics” who have changed the way they shop, bank, and pay for products and services. While there are some clear benefits to using a smartphone for many tasks, there are also down sides. For instance, 24% of smartphone users check their phone while driving, potentially making roads more dangerous. Moreover, with everyone accessing email on their phone, managing work-life balance is getting harder for some people.

Relationships are also impacted with smartphones, most notably the use of Facebook while on the go. In fact, 61% of users say that their phone keeps them connected with friends, and 60% with a spouse or significant other.

Smartphones also made an impact on kids, interfering with eyesight, body and brain development…

These and other details are neatly presented in an infographic prepared by Check it out and let us know what do you think of it.

Here's how mobile has changed the way we live

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