PS4 Bundle Leaked -Included PS Eye and The Knack

Gaming site VG247 uncovered a PS4 publicity still (reportedly from one of Sony’s own servers) showing a PS4 bundled with a Playstation Eye camera and The Knack. Whether this is a future bundle that will be available, some kind of mock-up hoax, or the original configuration of the PS4’s release remains up in the air.

The bundle includes the PS4 system, release title The Knack and the Playstation Eye camera. While some PS4 systems have shown up bundled with a game at retail, the Eye has only been sold separately.

Part of the general consensus that Sony stole the show at E3 was the PS4’s $399 price tag. Sony opted to sell the PS Eye separately to keep their system $100 less than Microsft’s Xbox One (which cannot be configured without a Kinect). Rumors have swirled around this decision, mostly that Sony changed its package at the last minute, removing the PS Eye from the bundle and undercutting Microsoft at retail.

I hope it’s actually a bundle Sony plans to release. The Knack is one of the most interesting first party release titles for the new console, and the PS Eye is a nifty thing to have (though I agree with Sony execs assessment that it’s best as an optional accessory). If this was a bundle at, say, $499 it would be a decent bargain and a great starter pack (perfect Holiday gift!).

We’ll know more later this year. Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Via: VG247]

  • Jason Slater

    Sony has been doing 180’s in the dark since the console wars started. I’m not surprised at all that someone actually caught them with their undies down and pulled out the proof.

    • fishandtaxes

      What’s the 180 in the dark? Sony freely admitted to cutting the mandatory Eye add-on in order to keep the cost down, not just to undercut Microsoft but also learning from the launch debacle of $600 PS3. And with this bundle, The Eye is still an OPTIONAL accessory. This bundle is not something that you have to purchase, just one of the many bundles that will be offered when the PS4 is released.

      • Jason Slater

        The problem with your statement is that you expect Sony to admit to what they are doing openly when it’s obvious they want to keep it under wraps. Did you HONESTLY expect for Jack Tretton to come out and say, “Yes, we did it all to try and keep up and beat MS”? The Eye is very much optional, but that will come at a cost when it comes down to developers catering content to a segmented market. There are already articles that address the consequences of this “option” and how it could very well be the nail in the coffin of the Eye before it it out the gate. Sony has been a reactive company at best, following whatever steps that are taken by the pioneers of the next generation. The 180’s in the dark would include the exclusion of the Eye, backpedaling their DRM setup that was filed for a patent in 2012, and the general misleading of the gaming community to believe they are offering a game-centric system while patenting Playstation TV. PS4 is an obvious X1 clone, just doing it with a much better spin on things to mislead and profiteer.

  • victor

    According to me, Sony should have bundled Sony eye mandatorily. Kinect adventures game sold over 14 million copies(approx.), released by Microsoft. Sony has missed a great opportunity. We won’t see any games like that developed for Sony this time, depends on eye sale now.

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