T-Mobile, AT&T iPhone 5 get mysterious carrier 14.2 update

T-Mobile iPhone and AT&T owners are having an update rolled out to their handsets. It’s unclear to what this update 14.2 does as no details have been released from T-Mobile, AT&T, or Apple. These new settings are automatically updated in the background, as I saw this on my iPhone 5 once I went to the About section on my device.

There are different takes on what the T-Mobile update has brought such as slight faster LTE speeds, while some hasn’t seen any changes at all on either carrier. Me being one of them.

Have any of you seen major or minor changes to your AT&T or T-Mobile iPhone? Let us know in the comment section.

[via TmoNews]


  • John

    It deletes the amber alert off the notification list.

  • Brian

    I still have Amber Alerts on my notification list, I am on AT&T carrier 14.2

  • Bennett

    I got at&t too 14.2 and my amber alerts and government alerts are gone off my notification list after the update.

    • Carl Hays

      Interesting… both of them are still on mine.

  • Bennett

    Idk but mine are gone

  • Joe

    I have an AT&T iPhone 4 on tmobile and just got the 14.2 update. No noticeable changes as of yet

  • Magma

    I am on Tmob, i suspect my hotspot functionality was removed

  • anonymous

    i have 14.5.2

  • Bennett

    Double check ur notifications u guys, the government alerts should be gone after the 14.2 update.

  • tachyonzero

    Brought you by “NSA” 😉

  • Charles

    I noticed that FaceTime over the network is now working (on AT&T, iPhone 4S). Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Jesus Cruz

    ever since I got T-Mobile carrier 14.2, I have seen a BIG improvement with reception in my area, I now get really goo stable LTE, whereas before, it was unstable… I live in houston

  • Tris

    Getting significantly slower speeds, no more hotspot, and worst of all, they imposed it, j did not want the update. Time to finally ditch tmobile.

  • Lew

    NSA update. Gives access to your self pics.

  • deb

    This carrier update deleted my hotspot from T-Mobile don’t do it!!

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