Whatever, NSA: Duck Duck Go Android App Provides Anonymous Web Searching

Don’t want Uncle Sam tracking your search queries? Than Duck Duck Go is the app for you. Duck Duck Go is a search engine that conducts searches in an anonymous manner, kind of an anti-Google that doesn’t keep search logs or any data of the like. The search engine was previously available only on the web, but has come to Android devices today via a nice little app.

Duck Duck Go provides a speedy search service and relevant results, all without keeping a trace of your activity. Even if Duck Duck Go was subpoenaed by Big Brother to offer up personal search logs and the like, they wouldn’t be able to give them up, since they don’t exist.

The app also includes a new feature by showing top stories based on your searches, and auto-complete features.

Whether you’re concerned about the NSA, hackers or your significant other finding your search results, try out Duck Duck Go and search the web with anonymity.


DuckDuckGo Search & Stories offers you a better way to search and a new take on Stories.
• Search anonymously.
• Find instantly.
• Stories you’ll love.
Search anonymously. We believe in better search and real privacy at the same time. That’s why:
• We don’t track you: http://donttrack.us/
• We don’t filter bubble you: http://dontbubble.us/
• We don’t collect or share your personal information.
• When you search DuckDuckGo, you are anonymous.
Find instantly. Our app has tons of instant answers, which means you have to work less to get what you really want.
• Get answers from hundreds of sources.
• Auto-complete to answers instead of just searches.
• Search directly on thousands of other sites with !bang commands.
Stories you’ll love. We only feature the most shared stories from hand-crafted sources:
• Just #1 stories like most emailed or upvoted
• No depressing news or graphic content
• No repeat topics per day (even across sources)
• Readability view with search suggestions that tie Search & Stories together.

[Via: Android Community , Play Store]

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