Why don’t we have a 7- or 8-inch tablet with a keyboard dock?

Why don't we have a 7- or 8-inch tablet with a keyboard dock?

Not all of us appreciate big tablets. In fact, we’re hearing that Apple’s iPad Mini is selling like hot cupcakes and Google sold more Nexus 7 than Nexus 10 units. And we’re seeing more and more companies releasing smaller tablets. However, what I’d like to see is a dockable tablet, something like the Asus Transformer Pad series, only smaller.

Few years ago HTC launched HTC Shift, which was a full-blown Windows PC with a 7-inch screen. Later on, we’ve seen Sony’s small Vaio P laptop. Isn’t now a perfect time to launch something similar?

Sure enough, we would like it to run Android, but some form of Linux would also work. The main idea here is to create an affordable device that would have a mass appeal — unlike the two mentioned products by HTC and Sony.

Sure enough, the keyboard would be smaller – but we would adopt for that extra portability we get in return. I’m not sure why we haven’t seen a single such device thus far. And don’t tell me I can use a keyboard case, cause I can’t / don’t want to. I want to hold such device in my lap, like a regular laptop so I can type while in the park.

Recently, Acer did something similar with its Windows 8-based W3 tablet but that big keyboard dock and the fact that it doesn’t have the great hardware under the hood to run Windows smoothly kill the deal for me.

Am I asking too much? A 7- or 8-inch tablet with a keyboard dock that transforms the tablet into a small laptop sounds like a great idea to me. What do you think?

  • encarma

    Bluetooth options are fairly second rate alternatives. I agree with you. I imagine the smaller windows tab will have one. Maybe after that release we can see what reception such a small keyboard has. A 7 inch padfone also would be nice.

  • androidtv

    I loved the look of the Vaio P. Never actually got to own one. I think a new version would be good with Windows 8 and touchscreen but a nice keyboard for when you do need to type longer items. It would be on my buy list.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    My thinking as well. That’s what we crave for – true mobility. 🙂

  • jimb42

    I bought the asus TF700 specifically to get the keyboard dock, but I find myself using my kids nexus 7’s for everyday use because the form factor is easier to use. I can’t see a docking keyboard for a 7″ device however – they keys would be just too small for real productivity. I find that even the dock for the TF700 is a bit small. 7″ or 8″ using a bluetooth full size keyboard/mouse makes more sense to me.

  • Phillip76

    I definitely agree, I also have the asus tf700 with keyboard dock and it’s awesome. It also has a full sized usb port on the dock that I can use my Logitech wireless laptop mouse making it even more efficient. I have found an agptek 7″ tablet that has a keyboard dock/case. agptek is usually known for generic tablets however they just released a decent 7 inch quad core 1.6 a few weeks ago and the keyboard that they make is still compatible apparently, I’m thinking about purchasing from new eggy, they got it for 129 and the keyboard goes for about 20 on amazon. anyone else notice or tried this tablet or keyboard dock/case

  • Phillip76

    I realized I didn’t quite read very thoroughly and after some research I share this dilemma. The agptek keyboard/case I referenced is exactly what you were saying you weren’t looking for. I did however find some 7 inch android netbooks that do not dock or undock but can fit the void. the name brands are Wolvol and Kocaso, the quality is definitely in question but the mere portability factor could make up for it and may just fit the bill until there is an actual 7 or 8 inch tablet that has a keyboard dock

  • Phillip76

    Update – I’m pretty sure I’ve researched almost all products and Wolvol makes a 7 inch android netbook with the best specs that I’ve found, also asus and acer made some smaller windows netbooks a few years ago that had monitor displays of 8.9 inches. Unfortunately there still appears to be nothing smaller than 10 inch that appears to be able to dock

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