Electronic Musician Kavinsky Working on A New Mobile Game

Vincent Belorgey, the french electronic artist better know as Kavinsky is bringing his special brand of strange to a new mobile and desktop game. Out July 8th, the new game is simply titled, “Kavinsky“.

Most folks got their introduction to the music of Kavinsky in the opening titles to 2011’s cult hit film, Drive. As the neon noir Los Angeles landscape expanded on the screen, the haunting opening bars of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” bleeped and blooped out to the audience. A synth sound rooted, like the film, as much in the future as the past. The song sounds like it could have been made in 1982, for a film set in 2025. By the time Kavinsky’s vocoder warped voice joins his grindy analog synth sounds, the entire tapestry evokes the B sci-fi and neon futurism of the 80’s to a T.

Kavinsky’s been putting out his brand of retro synth beats since 2005, and he’d already self released multiple albums before he exploded off of the internet and into the cinema. My favorite is probably 2008’s Blazer EP, but it’s unfortunately not available on his bandcamp site – the other albums are. It’s the logical extension of every John Carpenter movie soundtrack.

Now he’s collaborating on a new game coming out July 8th for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Kavinsky looks like a fun racer and brawler, with a nice, cel animation style. Check out the features and the trailer below!

‘Outrun’ album producer Kavinsky introduces the first ever video game based on a record.

Defeat foul villains and shady night creatures as you wander in the mean streets of Downtown LA. Your favorite Kavinsky records provide the soundtrack for your ride.

Mighty martial arts moves, deadly weapons, and the perfect soundtrack are just a click away! Grab it so you can take Kavinsky, his story, and his dreaded foes with you anywhere you go.

It’s music history in a video game, now available on all portable platforms and devices.

• Several fight levels against shady street villains.

• Exciting Boss Fight!

• Drive Kavinsky’s emblematic car.

• Feel the speed in a race to outrun opponents.

• With an iPhone camera and Augmented Reality technology, bonus levels can be played with any background location you choose.

• Awesome 16-bit pixel retro play mode.

• Game soundtrack produced by Kavinsky.


[Via: Recordmakers]

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