Hashtag Support Now Available On Facebook’s Mobile Site

Following last week’s rollout of hashtags on the web version of Facebook, the company has announced that the hashtags have made their way to mobile. Hashtags can’t be accessed through the Facebook mobile apps however, but rather only on the mobile version of Facebook’s website.

Hashtags have been used on other social media sites for some time now, originating on Twitter as an easy way to track key words and subjects in real-time. Since Twitter’s introduction of hashtags in 2009, services such as Google+, Tumblr and Flickr have taken to using the pound sign laden descriptors to help users search their services.

Hashtag support is not available yet on the Android or iOS Facebook apps, and a Facebook spokeswoman stated it may be awhile before we see hashtag support show up on official mobile Facebook apps.

[Via: PCMag] [Image: Empower Network]

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