Huawei joins the “5G” race

Huawei joins the 5G race

Huawei is the latest company to join the 5G race, saying that it is “at the cutting edge of technology exploration and development for 5G wireless.” This is despite the fact that we still don’t know what 5G will be all about, except that it will bring even faster download and upload speeds.

The Chinese company said it is “working on prototyping and have conducted field trials on cloud-based radio access networks.”

Huawei’s head of Communications Technologies Labs Wen Tong said that 5G wireless will “open the frontiers of a new end-user experience,” bringing visual communication to the mainstream and allowing users to interact instantly with people remotely, “as if they were meeting face-to-face.”

He went on to add: “5G wireless will also wirelessly connect an enormous number of ‘things’ to the network. Therefore, in combination with cloud computing and Big Data technologies, we can essentially automate the entire society.”

The company is also participating in and driving broader industry ecosystem collaborations, working with the METIS project which is co-funded by the European Commission. The mentioned project gathers more than 140 researchers from industry, carriers and universities which have met to “crack the foundational technologies that will enable 5G wireless to come about”.

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

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