Great Scott! Indiegogo Campaign Aims to Deliver Hoverboards By 2015

With 2015 just around the corner, there’s one question that has been plaguing many an 80’s baby: where’s my Hoverboard? An Indiegogo campaign is setting its sights on developing a working Hoverboard by 2015, asking for a cool $1 million to bring the skateboard without wheels from Back To The Future II from the big screen into real life.

“Let’s face it, the world needs a Hoverboard! So that’s exactly what we’re going to try and build. We want to create an open source Hoverboard platform that can be customized for fun or tailored to meet the needs of any industry.”

How does the team propose to pull this off? Well, they’re still asking that question too. The group is hoping to raise money to create an open source online development center where development teams can share information about the development of the Hoverboard, and start coming up with cost-effective designs and prototypes. Once the prototype is developed, smartphone apps will be developed for Android and iOS, which will enable users to control their Hoverboards, run diagnostics and even track down their stolen Hoverboards. The team will release an SDK which will allow the development of games, enhancements and more for the Hoverboard Controller app.

“We know this sounds crazy, but at one point in history it was also crazy to have a light bulb in your house or have a carriage that drove without a horse! We think it’s about time to start thinking about an alternative form of transportation and we’re not talking about something with wheels. We’ve done our research and found some very interesting propulsion technologies that are being used in newer military jets and stealth submarines.”

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Great Scott, this is madness! According to the Indiegogo campaign website, the technology is already there, it just needs to be refined and implemented. The team is shooting for a 2015 release, but admits that it may take a little longer than that to get Hoverboards from the movies into reality, but it’s a great start nonetheless.

Check out the Hoverboard Open Source Project, and help 80’s nerds realize their dreams.

Let’s just hope that it works while travelling over water.

[Via: indiegogo]

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