Vodafone launches 4G mobile hotspot even though it still doesn’t offer 4G services

Vodafone launches 4G Mi-Fi even though it still doesn't offer 4G services

As Vodafone is gearing towards launching its 4G LTE network in the UK, it has already launched few devices that will be ready for faster download and upload speeds from the day one. Among the “future-proof” phones are the Samsung GALAXY S4, Nokia Lumia 925 and BlackBerry Z10, and now this mobile hotspot is joining the trend.

In the meantime, the 4G-enabled hotspot will sing along the carrier’s existing HSPA+ network, providing more than decent download speeds for up 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Then, when Vodafone turns on its LTE network later this summer, users will be able to download and upload stuff even faster.

The device, marked as Vodafone R212, could be yours for 39 GBP on a one-year contract starting at 10 GBP per month. That cash gets you 1GB of data which is more than enough for a backup connection, when there’s no live hotspot around. We’re just hoping that the price will remain the same even when LTE kicks in…

UPDATE: Previously we wrote Vodafone launched Novatel-made Mi-Fi. Novatel contacted us to say that is not the case and we updated the article accordingly.

[Via: Pocket-lint]

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