Petition Calls On Peter Chou To Continue Software Updates For The HTC One S

Some sad news hit HTC One S owners yesterday, with HTC revealing that it is cutting support for its 16 month old smartphone, the HTC One S. Abandoning support for the device translates to no new software updates for the One S, leaving the device stuck on Android 4.1.2. In an attempt to rekindle HTC’s support for the device, a group of HTC One S owners have started a petition at which calls on HTC CEO Peter Chou to support future updates to the device.

The petition is simple and to the point, and reads:

Peter Chou, HTC

We would like to request that you re-evaluate your decision to cease updates to the HTC One S and that you honor the promises your company has made to your customers on official social networking channels.

[Your name]

Included in the online petition are links to various tweets from HTC customer service, which directly reinforce the company’s support of future software updates for the HTC One S. HTC had promised that it would continue supporting the device, with one tweet stating that Sense 5 would be making its way to the smartphone.

If you’re a HTC One S user who would like to see HTC continue support for your device, head over to and sign the petition.


  • quinyus


  • You missed the far more popular one. :L

  • HTCOneSUser

    Yeah, Htc, thats the promise. And you keep promises, Htc, don’t you?

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