Dead Island: Riptide Download 50% Off

PC gamers, here’s a your chance to get in on some zombie slaughtering fun on the cheap! Dead Island: Riptide is 1/2 off from Gamestop right now! Normally $39.99, a download will only run you $19.99 right now! You’ll need a Steam membership for the download.

If you played the original Dead Island, this game is basically a huge second helping of its open world, mission based, zombie stomping fun. The storyline begins where the first game left off. Our survivors, who are immune to the zombie plague, have escaped the prison Island (the final area of Dead Island) in a helicopter and they make a landing on a naval vessel. But they are detained by military men under control of the transparently villainous Serpo as soon as they land, and experimented on below decks. After an outbreak scene on the boat that also serves as an introduction to the game’s controls, the ship wrecks on an island and the meat of the game begins.

The melee combat is ridiculously fun and never really gets old, no matter how many zombies you decapitate. There are multiple melee weapon classes, like blunt weapons and bladed weapons, as well as all manner of bombs, molotovs, grenades and eventually guns. Weapons take damage and need repair at workbenches, where you can also upgrade and mod them. The modding system makes it possible to add fire, electricity and other effects to weapons which add hilariously gruesome effects when used on the undead. The depth and humor of the weapon modding system means you’ll spend lots of time crafting and upgrading your implements of zombie destruction. There’s nothing like slicing off an attacking zombie’s arm and watching it writhe in purple electricity with a shock modded machete…. but I digress.

I highly recommend nabbing a copy at this price!

[Via: Gamestop]

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