Google Play ‘Beautiful Design Collection’ Showcases Great Apps

The Google Play Store is showcasing 11 of its most beautiful and functional apps. Selected by the Android Design Team, these apps exemplify principles of good design:

Truly beautifully designed apps are created with an attention to the smallest detail. Transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful. In this collection, we highlight a few beautiful apps with masterfully crafted interfaces where form and function combine to deliver a superior experience.

The collection gives accolades to some apps that best exemplify this design philosophy.  Pattrn, Pocket, Timer, Eye in Sky Weather, NY Times, Grand St., Pinterest, Press, Expedia, Flipboard and TED are presented as examples of what great Android design looks like. All of these apps boast beautiful, functional interfaces and incredible ease of use.

While Android apps are long past their clunky early days, this collection shows how good they can really be. Click on over and check a couple of them out, if you haven’t already!

[Via: Google Play]

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