Moto X Sign-Up Page Now Live

As expected, Motorola has officially launched its X Phone campaign. Of course, the details of the upcoming device are still far and few between but it looks like we’re about to see more from the company in the coming weeks.

Whatever the ‘designed by you‘ tagline turns out to be, it’s likely going to be something big. The concept that a user could potentially be able to choose hardware components for their phone is something that some PC manufacturers have been allowing customers to do for some time now. Still, if this is actually what Google and Motorola are attempting to do, then the Moto X could be pretty game-changing.

The Moto X has been a topic of discussing for quite some time now, but the wait is finally coming to an end.

While the answer is likely obvious, we’re asking our readers which phone has them more excited, the Moto X or the upcoming Droid Ultra lineup?

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