Sainsbury’s launches Vodafone-backed MVNO in the UK

Sainsbury's launches Vodafone-backed MVNO in the UK

The UK supermarket Sainsbury’s launched its own virtual mobile network (MVNO) using Vodafone’s existing infrastructure.

The company’s arch-rival Tesco is already doing it, offering great deals to its regular customers, so we’re not seeing a good reason why Sainsbury’s shouldn’t try to pull it off, as well.

Called Mobile by Sainsbury’s, the network will “reward customer loyalty, and offer great quality value-for-money mobile products together with attractive offers.” Unfortunately, details on pricing are still a mystery and we’ll rather have to wait for another week (or so) to get that information.

According to Luke Jensen, the company’s group development director, Mobile by Sainsbury’s feels “like a natural extension” of the brand as well as a “great way to reward customers.” We would add it’s also a great way to make more money by milking the existing customer base. Not that we’re necessarily against that – we just want to see their pricing plans, first. 😉

[Via: Pocket-lint]

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