This is how the Nokia Lumia 1020 will look like; It’s coming to AT&T!

Nokia Lumia 1020

This morning, good ol’ EVleaks had something special for its followers. What you can see here is the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 which will rock 41-megapixel camera sensor + Xenon flash along with the latest version of Windows Phone 8 (GDR3) with Nokia’s Amber update that includes the Smart Camera app. Moreover, we should expect 32GB of internal storage which apparently won’t be expandable with microSD cards. Plus, the Nokia EOS will have a polycarbonate body rather than one made out of aluminum.

Finally, it is said that AT&T will be one of the carriers offering this powerful camera phone (as you can attest from the image above).

Nokia will officially announce the Lumia 1020 at a press event on July 11th in New York City. That’s just a week from now… Can’t wait. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This is the phone both Nokia and Microsoft need to make Windows Phone relevant!

    • F Ktuna

      Not when it’s exclusive to just one carrier. It’ll be 920 all over again. Really hope they’ll sell this to all networks.

  • Gregory C Newman

    I hope it has a1080p screen to go with it’s camera. If it does not then the Verizon Model should have it and have a quad core CPU also to make Windows smart phones truly have the Highest technology available on Windows smart phones

  • Mitchem

    nokia should stop with their integrated battery and the absence of expandable memory card slot…with such a camera 32Gb is full in just some click…luckilly there is the 808 which i still fond………..

  • Peter

    Looks pretty awesome! Would like to have one! I have the Lumia 620 which is already rocking my world! Anybody knows when its out in Europe?

  • Alan Leong

    Nice …now the prices of other lumia phones will drop.. Hooray!

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