Apples, Iceland and sheep: Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 ad

Samsung has a big advertising budget which means it can create gems like this Galaxy S4 ad below. Crafted specifically for Samsung Iceland, the commercial features apples, sheep and dancing black-clothed ninjas. Check it out below and let us now in the comments what you think about this example of  Samsung’s international marketing push.

  • Roaduardo

    Hehe… that’s neat. Oh dear, HTC should have really known better about pumping more money into better marketing talent. Strange ads like this get attention. Some of Samsung’s ads worldwide have been really strange but many others are clever.

    Even mobile carriers creating their own ads for the Galaxy S4 have been fun and interesting to watch. Like the one in Zurich at their main train station which advertised the S4’s eye tracking feature. It was light and fun.

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