Steve Wozniak talks about Apple’s future, iWatch potential

Speaking in Mexico City, Steve Wozniak had a few choice things to say about Apple. As reported by The Economic Times, Wozniak defended the company saying  that this down time is expected because it is in between innovations.

“I think Apple is in one of these waiting periods waiting for the next big direction.

You can’t expect a whole new incredible revolution of a category of existing consumer electronics, you can’t expect that every year,” he added. “If you could have one every year it would be quite a surprise.”

Besides talking about Apple, Wozniak discussed the future of devices, noting that they are getting smaller and smaller. “I think, oh my gosh, I just wish I had the old iPhone right here on my wrist and I wish I could ask it questions like a new Siri or tell it to play certain music.” This certainly is not confirmation that Apple is working on an iWatch, but it does suggest that the big thinkers in the tech community see wearable tech like the iWatch as part of our not-so-distant future.

[Via The Economic Times and Phone Arena]

  • VH

    The woz is always cool, but the idea of wearing a strong radio or microwave generator on your body is frankly stupid, have fun with the melanoma 10 years down the road…apple seems to be rudderless & increasingly clueless and uncool…

    • medical fact

      radio waves are non-ionizing waves, therefore do not cause any sort of cancer… They have an energy level of less than 13.6 eV. The only way they could cause the appearance of a tumor or carcinogenic mutation is by extreme heating, which requires an energy far greater than that emitted by an iWatch.

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