iOS App Dolo Helps You Find Friends In San Francisco’s Dolores Park

If you’ve ever tried to find your friends in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, you know how challenging it can be to find your crew in the small yet crowded park on a sunny day. A new app changes all of that, allowing Dolores Park visitors a way to find each other easily. The app, called Dolo provides an animated map that allows users to mark their location in the sunny park via GPS, allowing users to find each other easily. Currently the app is only available for iOS.

The app was developed by San Francisco residents Sophie Xie, Jason Prado and Ryan Williams who had previuosly worked for Facebook and Foursquare. The app requires a Facebook login, which finds your friends and shows their location in the park.

“We made the app mostly to encourage our own friends to meet up and make the most of the beautiful summer coming up in San Francisco. Dolores Park has spawned lots of amazing memories for the three of us, and is sort of an expression of our love. We thought writing an app is as good a love letter as anything else, regardless of the size of its intended audience. DIY apps can let us extend our interpersonal worlds, change the ways we behave in our free time, and let us have connections to our peers that were previously impossible.” – So Xie, Dolo developer

If you spend tons of time in beautiful Dolores Park, this could be the app for you. Check it out!


[Via: Tech Crunch]

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