How to opt out of AT&T’s privacy policy changes that allow for targeted ads and alerts

AT&T announced revisions to its privacy policy that allow the carrier to collect usage data in order to send you targeted ads and location specific alerts. The carrier writes in a blog post that “this aggregate and anonymous data can be used by retailers, advertisers and marketing companies to figure out what consumers want in a particular area.” Another new service mentioned in the privacy policy allows AT&T to send you alerts about partner products and services when you are in the vicinity of a partner retailer.

There are online controls that’ll let you opt out of these new tracking features. You can access these controls by pointing your browser to You’ll have to sign in using your AT&T account and select those services that you don’t want to participate in. For additional details about opting out, you should read this page that describes your choices and controls.

[Via AT&T]

  • Unhappy w/ AT&T

    Do you think this policy change will allow me to break out of my 2 year contract?

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