HTC One Google Edition With Android 4.3 Spotted at Bluetooth SIG

HTC One Google Edition coming soon?

Android fans have been patiently holding their breath for the newest version of the mobile OS to appear, and we’re all getting a little too red in the face. Many suspected that Android 4.3 would make an appearance at Google I/O last May, but nary a peep was heard from Google about its existence. While a couple of leaks have pointed to Android 4.3 being released sometime in August, a Bluetooth SIG filing shows a HTC device that is listed as running Android 4.3.

The device listed in the Bluetooth filing shows the HTC One Google Edition running Android 4.3, which will be bringing improvements regarding Bluetooth Low Energy support. Low Energy support will help save battery life on Bluetooth accessories as well as the device itself, and pave the way for easier use of wearable tech such as the Pebble smartwatch.

Only time will tell when we will see Android 4.3 in the flesh, but could happen this July if Google’s July 11th press event turns out to be the unveiling date of the Moto X.

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