AT&T’s Got Big News For Us On July 16th, But What Is It?

Well, would you look at what just landed in our inbox, a teaser image from AT&T telling us to sit tight for an important announcement on July 16th. So important, in fact, that AT&T is telling us to “get ready for what’s next in wireless.” What exactly that entails is not entirely clear, but we will have details in a little over a week.

AT&T has been busy over the last year to blanket the U.S. with lovely 4G LTE coverage, with market expansions occurring on an almost weekly basis. SInce AT&T’s goal was to cover all of its wireless customers with 4G LTE coverage by the end of the year, the July 16th news could be the announcement that they have succeeded in reaching their goal earlier than previously thought.

Since the invite focuses on AT&T’s acclaims for having fast network speeds, the nation’s largest 4G network and the highest rating in call, text and data performance, we’re pretty sure that the announcement will not entail a new device on the network. Could it be VoIP or some other technology enhancement? We will see on July 16th.

What do you think AT&T is going to announce on July 16th?

  • Hard 1 GB data cap with $100/GB overages!

  • ITDjay

    Maybe they are jumping on the T-mobile bandwagon and offering unsubsidized phone plans.

  • drew

    Nope hd voice

  • Andres Galvan


    Will our current LTE devices be LTE-Advanced compatible? I have a One @ AT&T, and I need to know if it will work.

  • Jason

    Nothing new here. LTE is a bait and switch plan to get ppl to spend more on their wireless bill. There is no noticeable difference in speed of service.

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