LG Optimus G 2 Photo Gallery Leaks – Looks Gorgeous

We’re still about a month away until we see LG officially unveil the Optimus G 2, and while we’ve seen the device making its rounds before, a chunk of new photos have made their way to the internet. The LG Optimus G 2 looks to be one hell of a device, rocking a unique and sexy design.

The first thing you’ll notice about the photos is that LG has done away with the capacitive navigation keys at the bottom of the device in favor of on-screen keys. The face of the device is covered by a massive display that we’re guessing is at least at the five-inch mark.

At the bottom, you’ll see two stereo speakers with a micro USB port in between them. On the back side, you’ll find the camera, LED flash, along with the volume buttons, and what could possibly also be the power/lock button in between the rocker.

There are also a few shots of the new user interface that the device will ship with. The new home screen user interface looks very much like stock Android, and we’re certainly not complaining. The lockscreen looks to have an orb of some kind that you can spin to unlock the device, and there’s also a shot of the device’s camera UI.

We already know that the upcoming Optimus G 2 will ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, which is a powerhouse of a CPU. Other specs will include 2GB RAM, according to Engadget’s sources.

Apparently, this particular unit you see here is headed to Sprint, but let’s just hope it doesn’t stay there. We’d like to see the next Optimus G handset land on all four carriers in the US this time around.

LG has clearly been working hard to provide a solid successor to the Optimus G, and it looks like it’s done just that.

Check out the Gallery below!

[Via: Engadget]


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