One Laptop Per Child’s XOTablet To Debut In Wal-Mart Stores on July 16th

The XO Tablet, which is currently being developed by the One Laptop Per Child Association is coming to Wal-Mart stores on July 16th, according to a blog post from the association’s website. The affordable XO Tablet will begin its launch at Wal-Mart stores in the U.S., and will continue its rollout at other top retailers in the U.S., North and South America and Europe.

OLPC has been working on bringing affordable $100 laptops to the developing world, where access to educational tools are severely limited. The XO Tablet is OLPC’s attempt to deliver an Android tablet with custom educational software to the developing world as well as low-income U.S. families.

“OLPC is very excited about its current projects in the USA and abroad. OLPC is delivering the first batch of XO-4 Touch machines to Uruguay, in addition to a large order of XO Tablets. OLPC has also begun the production of a large order for the government of Rwanda. The feedback from focus groups and educational institutions with respect to OLPC’s new devices, the XO-4 Touch and the XO Tablet, has been extremely positive.” –

The XO Tablet has a 7-inch screen and 1GB of RAM. The tablet operates on Android 4.2 and includes 8GB of internal storage, a HDMI port and a 2MP rear-facing camera.

[Via: Liliputing , OLPC Blog]

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