Rockstar Debuts Official Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V is looking amazing on multiple levels, and drives the popular franchise into an insanely detailed world that offers much more than just killing cops and starting high-speed chases. A new gameplay video of Grand Theft Auto V has been released, showcasing not only the beautiful graphics and detailed environment but some new gameplay elements as well.

GTA V takes a new approach to the traditional GTA storyline by offering three protagonists instead of the usual one, with players being able to switch between characters to compete various different missions, and complete objectives that require a little bit of teamwork. The team of expert thieves will face increasingly challenging heists, with the player controlling not only who will be joining the heist but how it should be set up and carried out.

Gameplay has been improved all around, with players being able to explore their environment in a number of ways. Players can relax with a bit of Yoga, skydive, go on a nice bike ride and even play golf. Switching guns and shooting mechanics have been improved, which helps players blast at baddies and even do some buck hunting.

GTA V is certainly looking to be an amazingly immersive game, and fun to boot. GTA V is set to launch on September 17th for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

[Via: Slashgear]

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