Verizon Approves DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD Update and It’s Not Android 4.2.2

A new update for the DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD is coming to Verizon customers, lacking Android 4.2.2 but addressing multiple security features and bugfixes. The update will be rolling out OTA, and the small 50MB file will take users no time to download and install.

The Verizon approved update has a build number of 3.20.1, and adds a few apps such as SmartActions and Backup Assistant to the devices. The update also plugs that huge Android security exploit we’ve all been hearing about, as well as enhanced GPS reliability, data metering, SMS bugfixes and Bluetooth connectivity.

DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD owners, look for this update to be rolling out this week.

[Via: Android Community]

  • mickrussom

    Verizon is a trash company. Losers. Bloated OSes. Most expensive
    plans. Worst international coverage at the highest prices. Also, when
    playing Ingress, Verizon people have the worst time with the network and
    GPS. Verizon is a scam, and they spy on you happily for the police
    state USSA.

  • Dave

    Any word if the Razr Maxx (non HD) will be getting updated??

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