Damson Twist Review: Bluetooth speaker that uses any surface to amplify your sound

There are plenty of accessories out on the market that attempt to give your mobile device a boost in how it outputs quality sound. Many fail when it comes to delivering that sound in a nicely presented package. The Damson Twist bucks that trend, as it not only brings an incredible sound but also an attractive look and feel. First and foremost, the Twist looks like a can with heft to it once picked up in the hand.

Hooking it up to other devices easy. The Twist charges off the same USB connector found on most phones, and it can be connected to PCs, Androids, iPhones and iPods by way of Bluetooth. This thing packs a punch! It will have your kitchen table or any hollowed out flat surface thumping out music — it’s like a mini sub-woofer. Damson’s Twist is supposed to get you around four hours through the Bluetooth connection, or give you nine hours if you connect via the 3.5mm jack. Honestly, I got around three hours when I used the Bluetooth connection, and six to seven when using the jack.

I used so many surfaces around my house: my desk, kitchen table, entertainment shelve, door, and toilet (with the lid down, of course). One thing remained consistent, and that was the surprisingly clear and bass filled sound. Functionality on the Twist is really convenient, all users have to do to turn it on and off, is just twist the center (hence the name). There aren’t any buttons or controls – it’s simple and to the point. The volume is controlled by the device you have it paired to.

In conclusion

I found this Bluetooth speaker to be really useful when I put it to the test. Damson has created a really interesting product here. It’s cool and it works. So far, it’s the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever used. However, there are some limitations, such as not being able to use it outside in most cases. I was able to use it on the hood of my car, though.

As for indoor use, it doesn’t have many holes. You can use on just about any surface. It was a treat for me to play this small aluminum beast in front of friends and family, as they all looked in amazement of the power it generates.

The Damson Twist is available in four different colors, silver, red, blue, and black. Each color looks great on their aluminum bodies. What’s even better, is you can buy multiple Twist devices and connect them together for an even bigger and powerful sound. The Damson Twist includes a USB charging cable, and audio connect cable, and a pouch to carry the Twist in.

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