Foxconn expanding the workforce for next-gen iPhone

Foxconn expanding the workforce for next-gen iPhone

A China Business News story says Foxconn is hiring new workers as we speak to get ready for the next iPhone production.

Though the report refers to the product as the “iPhone 6,” we think that’s nothing but guesswork, with the next iPhone model likely being called the iPhone 5S. Plus, let’s not forget that smaller, colorful version we’ve seen yesterday — it too could be unveiled alongside the “regular” iPhone.

Foxconn currently has 210,000 workers at the plant, down from a peak of 300,000 in 2012. It’s likely they’ll get closer to the bigger number as we’re gearing towards the launch.

Meanwhile, we’ll make sure to keep up with the latest information coming from the ever productive iRumormill. Stay tuned to IntoMobile and you won’t miss a beat. 😉

[Via: CNet]

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