Leak: Budget Apple iPhone Pictured In 5 Colors

Last week, a few pictures of the rumored budget iPhone surfaced, showcasing some vibrantly colored back panels for the device. Some more pictures have leaked today, showing more of the same but in different color options. The image comes from a Twitter picture posted by iOS developer Sonny Dickson, and adds more fuel to the fire that the budget iPhone will indeed be a reality.

The picture shows us back panels that are colored grey, green, blue, pink and olive, and sport the Apple logo and iPhone branding. Like the pictures we’ve seen before, the panels lack the FCC stamp, which could mean that these cases are fakes.

A budget iPhone has been talked about for some time now, with analysts claiming it would be a beneficial move for Apple if it intends to break into emerging and lower-income markets. The budget iPhone is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 5S, which should be launched later this year.

Whether or not these panels are fakes only time can tell. At first glance, it seems ridiculous that Apple would offer such colorful devices, but with the recent announcement of customization options for the upcoming Moto X, it would not be surprising if Apple followed suit with some colorful options.

[Via: MacGasm]

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