Leak: Meet The New DROID Family: DROID Mini, ULTRA and MAXX

We haven’t heard much from Motorola this year, and a new photo leaked from @evleaks gives us a glimpse of what the company has been up to. Showcasing the next family of DROID smartphones headed to Verizon, the leaked picture shows from left to right the DROID Mini, DROID ULTRA and the DROID MAXX. While specs pertaining to these devices are still elusive, we have heard that the ULTRA and MAXX could be sporting 5-inch 1080p displays and 10MP cameras, which would be on par with most recent smartphones.

A breaking rumor suggests that the DROID MAXX will have battery life of up to two days, and that the ULTRA will launch on August 8th.

What do you think about the new upcoming DROID line? Do they look too much like last year’s RAZR HD?

[Via: @evleaks , Droid Life]

  • kkritsilas

    A 5″ Droid Ultra (RAZR Ultra for those of us outside the US) would be welcome. I still use an XT910 (the original Android RAZR) and even though it is now quite outdated, the physical design is still as good as anything out there, including the HTC One and iPHone 5 (my work phone). 10MP camera is somewhat below spec (assuming that the current “standard” is set by the S4 at 12 MP). The face-on pictures don’t give a a lot to go on, but a 5″ 1080P screen is definitely a leap forward. If combined with the physical design cues from the original XT910 (soild case, thin (no need to be thinner than the XT910, just get rid of the camera bump on the back), good water resistance, bezels not too big to allow for a comfortable overall size), and current level electronics hardware (Quad Core Snap Dragon 600 or 800, 2 GB RAM, uSD slot, preferably a strong GPU,, at least 16GB on board Flash, decent battery life (able to last just over 12 hours on a charge), and no heavy skinning of the UI or locked boot loaders, they may be able to get back into the game.

    The Google buy out seems to have slowed new product introductions from Motorola.


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