Nikon looking to enter the smartphone market?

Nikon looking to enter the smartphone market?

Looks like Nikon may be looking to enter the smartphone market as its point-and-shoot camera business is slowly dying, having dropped by quarter in April and May.

According to the company’s chief executive Makoto Kimura, they are looking beyond cameras to “create a product that will change the concept of cameras.” He went on to add that “it could be a non-camera consumer product.”

“Rapid expansion of mobile devices is a change in business environment given to us,” Kimura said, adding that going forward, Nikon’s task is to “find an answer to that change.”

As you would imagine these sentences prompted a ton of enthusiasm among the Nikon fans who can’t wait to see the company’s software and lens in their smartphones.

Meanwhile, existing handset makers are already adding powerful cameras to their smartphones or going the other way round – adding the brains to their point-and-shoot cameras, like Samsung does. Nokia on its end should unveil its next super-camera-phone with a 41-megapixel camera later today. We’ll let you know when that happens…

[Via: Bloomberg, PhoneArena]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m not a Brit but I agree with the majority of respondents. 🙂

  • Carlo

    Very interesting but a tablet would be fun too.

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