Two thirds of Brits skeptical on the iPhone 5S’ prospects

Two thirds of Brits skeptical on the iPhone 5S' prospects

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Brits think that the next version of the iPhone will generate poor sales, with 59% forecasting that Samsung will become a more popular mobile phone brand in the UK.

The research, conducted by a mobile phone comparison site, polled 2,007 18+ adults from across the country to determine perceptions and attitudes towards the imminent release of the new iPhone, whether it’s the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Those taking part were initially asked which brand of mobile phone they currently owned, with the top three answers being the iPhone (34%), BlackBerry (22%) and Samsung (14%).

When asked to give reasons as to why Apple’s next iPhone won’t succeed, the top five answers given by respondents were:

  • Samsung increasingly dominating phone market, will affect iPhone sales – 31%
  • Will be too expensive – 26%
  • Apple doesn’t build the quality products it used to – 23%
  • Will be too similar to iPhone 5 – 22%
  • People aren’t as excited about new iPhone releases as they used to be – 19%

Finally, when they were asked on which new release will be the stand out phone in the coming months, 49% of respondents rooted for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and only 33% were leaning towards the iPhone 5S/6.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m not a Brit but I agree with the majority of respondents. 🙂

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