Google’s Philanthropic One Today App Releases To The Public

Around mid-April, Google released an app that lets users learn about various nonprofits and charitable organizations. The app known as One Today was previously available only for those who had received invites, and is now available today for the general public.

The One Today app showcases a different non-profit daily and allows users to donate with a finger press. The app will let users donate a maximum of $1 per day to the projects, and tracks user interest in certain causes and recommends new ones relevant to the user’s donations. The donations are a tax write-off in the states, and Google makes it easy to keep track of donations with Google Wallet integration, allowing users to receive confirmation e-mails and use them as receipts.

The app has a social feature as well, allowing users to see donations from friends and match them, as well as spreading the word about causes to friends and the public via Google+. The transactions are processed through Google, and will reach selected charities minus a 1.9% credit card fee.

The One Today app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

[Via: Talk Android , Google Play Store]

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