Toddler uses smartphone app to buy vintage car on eBay

Sorella Stoute is an enterprising little girl. Just shy of 15-months, the toddler has already purchased her first car and conned her father into fixing it up for her 16th birthday.

According to, the tale of the car-buying child starts with some innocent play time on her father’s smartphone. Rather than sticking with a learning game, the precocious tot decided to check out the eBay app and had a great time tapping through the auctions. One of those taps landed on a Buy It Now button which secured the child her car and the resulting 15-minutes of Internet stardom.

So what did she buy to cause such a stir? Shown above, the young lady in yellow purchased a junker 1962 Austin Healey Sprite for $225. It’s being stored at her grandmother’s house, until her Dad can get up the gumption to transform the vehicle from a pile of metal to a shiny new car. No pressure for Dad, though, as he has 15 more years to complete the project.

[Via KOIN]

  • That’s why modern phones have parental controls…

  • midpath

    Forget fixing it, sell the parts online, the front grill is likely worth 150, and the windshield could be worth 400, etc, it’s a smart girl who found a bargain.

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