Geeksphone Peak+ Will Be High End Firefox OS Smartphone

Another Firefox OS powered smartphone is reportedly coming soon, with higher end specs than the already released Firefox OS devices. The new handset, the Geeksphone Peak+, will focus on bringing the Firefox OS into the limelight with high-end specs that will appeal to those who require beefy innards packed into their mobile devices.

“There have been many contributions from the Geeksphone Users Community regarding our handsets; we have carefully listened and analyzed them, and today we are pleased to announce that we are finalizing the new and improved version of our most demanded smartphone, in which we have introduced new hardware features.” – Mozilla

While the Peak, Keon and Alcatel One Touch Firefox OS smartphones have launched in Europe and are starting to rollout across emerging markets, and the Peak+ will help it enter the U.S. market which is currently dominated by iOS and Android. No details of exact specifications, pricing or release date have been stated, so check back with us for more details.

Are you interested in the Peak+? We’d love your thoughts.

[Via: CNET]

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