Uber iOS and Android App Update Allows Fare Splitting

The popular app-based car service Uber has updated its app today on iOS and Android, allowing users to spit up the cab fare up amongst other passengers. This update comes shortly after an update that brought Google Wallet payment option to the Android version of the app.

“It’s been said that 4 out of 3 people can’t do fractions. At Uber, we love math (we have a whole team dedicated to it!) but we understand that not everyone does. So we’re going to do the long division for you,” – Uber

To use the new feature, after requesting a ride, users can tap on the arrow icon to access Fare Split. The app will then allow friends to be invited to spit the fare via a users’ contact list, or by manually entering a phone number. Requested users will then receive a text message to confirm the payment.

Uber is one of many app-based car services such as Lyft and Sidecar, and has been expanding its service over the last few months to many U.S. and global locations.

[Via: PC Mag]

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