Play Game Boy Advance Games On Your Non-Jailbroken iOS Device With This Clever App

iPhone owners who have been jonesing to play a little Pokemon or Mario on their devices without jailbreaking their devices are in luck today, as a new app called GBA4iOS makes it possible to run a Game Boy Advance emulator on an non-jailbroken iPhone.

The app was created by Riley Testut, who exploited a loophole in Apple’s developer restrictions to make the app possible. The loophole, which resides in Apple’s iOS Developer Enterprise Program, allows apps to be sideloaded for testing on non-jailbroken Apple devices. There is a possibility that Apple will close this loophole, as they usually do, but the exploit being utilized here is so big that it would take Apple a hot minute to patch it up.

The GBA4iOS app isn’t just an emulator though; it also points users to places where GBA game ROMs can be downloaded and then enjoyed via the app.

The app can be downloaded from Testut’s Github page, and installed directly to non-jailbroken iOS devices.

[Via: ReadWrite] [Image: wikinotica]

  • JT

    Is anyone else have trouble downloading this? I’m using a 4s with iOS 6.1.3 and the app downloads about 3/4 of the way and then stops and says unable to download.

  • Ls

    Apple has blocked it. No longer works to download it

  • Ced

    The service that used to sign and compile it for you is dead… In other words, you can’t install it if you’re not a developer or you own a jailbroken device.

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