iPad to replace pen and paper for Little League World Series scorekeeping

The Little League World Series is adopting an interesting new method for keeping score of the games. Rather than using the traditional method of pen and paper, officials are moving on up to technology such as the iPad to keep track of the game. They’re getting 35 iPads all equipped with the free GameChanger score-keeping app for nine World Series games and ten regional championship games.

“With 2.4 million Little Leaguers around the world, modern technology is a great asset in communicating with all our players, coaches, families, volunteers and fans,” said Stephen D. Keener, President and CEO of¬†Little League Baseball and Softball. “Utilizing GameChanger for scorekeeping and live game updates, will bring the Little League experience to life to an online and mobile audience like never before.”

90,000 teams worldwide will start using the GameChanger app for the Little League during the season. Plus, families, friends, and anyone in the audience can download the app as well to keep track of the game stats from their own iPhone or iPad.

GameChanger has some powerful features like scorekeeping, charts, and animated plays and stats, but I don’t imagine this is an inexpensive move for the Little League either. Moving from pen and paper to iPad is a big leap, but it seems like the benefits are too good to pass up.

[via AppleInsider]

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