Leak: Motorola DROID Ultra Looking Snappier Than Ever In Red Color

Why hello there, DROID Ultra! We’ve seen you before, but never like this. How do we like your new snazzy red color, you ask? Let’s just say you look wonderful.

A new press render from the continually amazing @evleaks shows the oft-leaked DROID Ultra sporting a sweet dark red colored kevlar backing. This sets the DROID Ultra from its counterparts the DROID MAXX and DROID Mini, the three new DROIDs which are expected to be unveiled at a Verizon press event July 23rd in New York.

The DROID Ultra is expected to be packing a Snapdragon 800 processor running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 2GB of RAM and a 10MP or 14MP rear-facing camera. The device will reportedly have up to 48 hours of battery life, with a 2,500mAh battery packed into the unit.

While we’re not sure if the new DROIDs will all receive the red paint job, the DROID Maxx, Ultra and Mini will all come in black, and possibly a white color as well.

Check back with us on July 25th for coverage of Verizon’s New York press event, where we will likely see the new DROIDs appear.

[Via: The Unlockr]

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