Android 4.3 Leaks For Nexus 4 – Now Available To Download

Nexus 4  owners, listen up! Android 4.3 has been leaked out for Google’s flagship device and is available to download and flash right now.

Jeff Williams purchased a Nexus 4 off of Craigslist and noticed that the handset was running Android 4.3, and naturally, he uploaded a screenshot up on Google+. No, this wasn’t a build.prop edit that we’ve seen so many times before. This is the real deal.

Not long after the build was deemed as legitimate, Jeff provided a system dump of his Nexus 4 and the developers got to work. Now we have a flashable build of the next version of the Android OS.

Before you get too excited, Android 4.3 seems to be a very minimal update, and if you’re not rooted, it may not be worth it. After all, there’s a good chance that we could see the official debut of Android 4.3 next week.

For more information on the build, be sure to hit up the link below!

[Via: Engadget]

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