Nintendo’s 3DS is the Top Selling Console in the US for the 2nd Month

Nintendo’s 3DS outperformed both the Xbox 360 and PS3 to become the best selling game system in the United States for the month of June. The 3DS sold 225,000 units in the United States during June. In comparison, the Xbox 360 sold only 140,000.

Nintendo announced the news today, citing data from the NPD group. Sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware rose by more than 40 percent over June 2012, Nintendo added. The company neglected to provide any numbers for its struggling Wii U

In other Nintendo earnings news; Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold over 505,000 units during June, Nintendo said, adding that 20 percent came through the eShop. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D sold 108,000 units in the month, while Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon added nearly 115,000 copies to bring its total sales to 750,000.

It seems the numbers for the 3DS handheld might just be enough to tentpole Nintendo’s sagging Wii U sales. The little-handheld-that-could is still selling like hot cakes despite the constant proclamations that handheld gaming is dead. While smart phone gaming is expanding every day, the 3DS continues to prove there’s still a market for standalone handhelds and the kind of deeper gaming experience they can provide.

[Via: Games Radar]

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