Mega Man Gameboy Titles Coming to a 3DS Near You!

Some of the best Megaman games came out for Nintendo‘s Gameboy handheld. Today it’s come to light that Megaman’s Gameboy adventures will be coming to Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS, through its Virtual Console. Megaman’s first Gameboy outing is already available for the Virtual Console, now Megaman 2-5 are on the way as well as the Gameboy Color remixes Megaman Xtreme 1 and 2.

Megaman is one of gaming’s most longstanding franchises and has approximately 7 million titles. New Megaman games are still releasing to this day, and the series has touched every console since the NES. The robot hero has battled his way through so many levels and defeated so many themed bosses at this point, that he must be long overdue for a new hydrogen cell.

The releases were announced today on the Capcom Unity blog:

Quite a while ago, the first Game Boy Mega Man title (Dr Wily’s Revenge) landed on the 3DS VC. That naturally led most of us to wonder, “are the rest of the GB games coming to 3DS?” Welp, after a year of wondering that myself, I’m happy to say Mega Man II, III, IV and V are ALL coming soon to the US and EU.

This is a great piece of news, as Mega Man V remains one of the coolest oddball (used in the most affectionate way possible) games in the series. Instead of Robot Masters, Mega Man fights Stardroids, and instead of a typical Mega Buster charged shot, he has a Mega Arm projectile attack (similar to the MM6/7 Rush upgrade). It’s a very clever entry that’s been hard to legitimately play for years, so pick it up!

Mega Man IV is equally impressive, combining aspects of the NES Mega Man 4/5 to create one new experience. I daresay it’s the best of the NES mimics (I, II and III also mix enemies and bosses from the NES) and well worth a look.

But wait, there’s more!

Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2 are ALSO coming to 3DS! Like the aforementioned GB titles, these two remix aspects of the SNES games (plus some X4 stuff in Xtreme 2) to create something new. Xtreme 2 is particularly interesting, with its playable Zero and DNA souls / parts system.

Now, we don’t have release dates set just yet, but given how cool this information is (especially MMV), I thought it was worth sharing ASAP. I’ll certainly share the dates as soon as we lock ’em down, and we should have even more VC updates in the coming weeks

[Via: Capcom Unity]

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