Motorola Droid Ultra MAXX Back Side Pictured

With the official unveiling of the new Motorola Droid lineup not far away, we’re beginning to see a few renders of the upcoming devices already. What you see above is one of the new Motorola Droid Ultra handsets all done up in the Verizon colors, like any good Droid.

The render shows a somewhat familiar looking design of previous Droid handsets, with a red strip running down the middle. We must say that we’re pretty fond of what we’re seeing here, as it’s pretty eye-catching. It was only a few days ago that we caught the handset rocking an all-red back side as well, and we’re still not sure whether that particular design was of the Ultra or Ultra MAXX. This render, according to @srcleaks, is the MAXX version of the handset.


Next week, we’ll see a nice helping of announcements. Verizon is set to unleash the new Motorola Droid lineup on Tuesday, with Google announcing whatever it has up its sleeve the following day.

With no hard specs to speak of surrounding the Droid Ultra lineup, we’re just going to have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what the handsets will be packing.

What do you think of the above render? Sound off in the comments below!

[Via: Droid-Life]


  • Jacob Koehler

    Where are the speakers? FRONT FACING!? ;D!! Too bad I’m on AT&T and the Moto X would be a down-grade from my Note 2. I guess Nexus 5 it is!

  • jacob brown

    The Droid Ultra Maxx is actually going to have a 4,000 MaH battery and an advanced 10 megapixel camera with a 5 inch full 1080p display, AND a snapdragon 800 chip, which is wayyyyy more advanced than the Note 2. The note 2 has a 720p display, 3,100 MaH battery, 8 megapixel average camera, and a snapdragon 600 chip, besides the screen size, that’s the only downgrade with this device compared to yours.

  • jacob brown

    oh whoops yeah the moto xwill suck I thought you were talking about the droid ultra maxx haha

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