Oculus Rift Could Be Destined For Mobile In The Future

The Oculus Rift is one hell of a product, and if you’ve ever tested out the Virtual Reality headset, you know just how game-changing the device could potentially be. While the product is still only supported by PC games at the moment, we may see the headset get support for mobile devices in the future.

During an interview with Edge, Oculus Rift CEO Brendan Iribe not only mentioned that console support for the headset is not a primary focus, but that mobile indeed is.

“I love consoles but internally we’re a lot more excited about where mobile’s going to go, and being able to plug it right into a next-gen cellphone. It’s the innovation, and how fast cellphones are now improving – where we’ll be with the next Galaxy or the next iPhone compared to where consoles are. Those things are almost doubling every year, compared to a console that’s just stuck it out for eight years – it just makes us very excited.”

Well, we can’t argue with that. Iribe is spot on when he mentioned the pace of innovation between console systems and smartphones. It’s a stark contrast, and while some may think that something like the Oculus Rift may actually be better suited for the likes of consoles, it’s a market that will stagnate for almost 10 years on the hardware front following the release of said product. Mobile innovation continues at a rapid pace and devices from the beginning of the year, while still more than capable of holding their own, pale in comparison to devices that launch  for the holiday season. That’s just mobile.

The idea of mobile support for the Oculus Rift is definitely an interesting idea indeed, but the headset will still likely remain a novelty if it does debut. $300 is a pretty pricey accessory to a mobile device, but that’s to say there wouldn’t be a specific design for mobile devices.

Would you be interested in seeing the Oculus Rift come to mobile devices? If you had to choose, would you want it for your smartphone or a console?

[Via: Ubergizmo]


  • raphaelhunold

    Indeed, mobile behaviour show that a majority of video and time consumed on mobile and tablet are in house. So even if it’s sound weird, I think that there is a real market there. Remember, 1.5 M Android activeted every day ! And you don’t wait years before new OS improvement but month. Cloud storage and power is rising quickly. Now hardware is not all. You must provide content and a full ecosystem to third developper. One that side Oculus do right by opened a fund to help gamer maker to developp for this new kind of device. With Google Glass and other, we gonna see some kind of fragmentation if there is no standardization. Webkit is a good exemple. Before, it was nightmare. But some competition, as in PC world, is good for innovation and new possibility. At last, price is a real issue. But now, if widespread and with a subscription or freemium model, they might find the right price. Remember me the gameboy saga. But they have to bet quickly. That’s my french point of view.

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