Sony Rumored To Lauch External Camera For Its Smartphones

It looks like Sony has no desire to jump on the Galaxy S 4 Zoom bandwagon, as it’s rumored that the company has an external camera in the pipe for its Xperia smartphones.

The external camera is said to be mounted with magnets to the smartphone, like many on the market, and feature its own image sensor and battery. It will be able to send photos to the smartphone via NFC and WiFi-Direct and the smartphone itself will act as the external camera’s viewfinder. The external camera is said to use the same sensor as one of Sony’s existing cameras, with a 1 inch 20.2 megapixel Exmor R and f/1.8. Carl Zeiss lens.

The concept is certainly interesting to say the least, but we do wonder if the consumer will bite. Such a product, especially with the rumored quality, may cost quite a pretty penny. Then again, if we do see such a product in the future, photography enthusiasts will likely be the first people to come running.

What do you think about this potential product? Would you like to have the option to have a larger lens that attaches to your smartphone or would prefer a built-in solution that’s everywhere you go a la GS4 Zoom?

[Via: Xperia Blog]


  • Lolzer

    S4 Zoom is damn ugly, so do the Galaxy Camera. I’d prefer having a nice, sleek smartphone and mount the external camera on when needed (let’s say I’m on a vacation, or visiting a bird park). Anyway nowadays’ smartphone’s cameras are quite good…and I guess, only hipsters or camera enthusiast will go for it….

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