AT&T entice customers with $200 off early iPhone upgrades, online only [Updated]

AT&T, in an attempt to perhaps rifle off more sales, is offering customers a discount on a new iPhone before their contracts are up. The way this works is folks go to their accounts by way of online, where they’ll find an option to upgrade to an iPhone for a discount. The deal is for all iPhone 5 models, including the 16, 32, and 64GB storage choices.

Now there isn’t really an explanation needed for this. AT&T is clearly trying to move as many iPhone 5’s as possible ahead of Apple’s next release. We guess the good thing about this deal is that it’s available to everyone who want an update fast and is willing to tie themselves to a new AT&T contract.

Update: AT&T has notified us that this upgrade promotion as been apart of their policy for a while, not just for iPhones, but for all phones. The company also stated that there isn’t a $200 discount per-say. Instead, there is different types of pricing for particular phones. Here’s their brief statement to better clarify the confusion:

“This is business as usual. We offer an early upgrade option for customers with an account in good standing and who purchased their current phone at least 6 months earlier.”

[via cnet]



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