T-Mobile HTC One update addresses LTE data issue

HTC sells around 5 million HTC One units

Earlier today T-Mobile announced an update many HTC One owners have waited for. The new update addresses a few tedious problems such as software stability, processor enhancements, LTE and reception. The latter has annoyed people the most, as many struggled to keep a LTE connection on magenta’s premature high-speed network.

This isn’t a major update because the Android build remains at 4.1.2. We don’t have a clue to when folks can expect the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 bump. We’ll be sure to keep you guys abreast of any new developments on that front. However, don’t hold your breath waiting, as these major firmware updates usually take a while to roll out.

[Android Central; via T-Mobile]

  • htcer

    No JB 4.2.2 that’s terrible news.

  • CC

    just today I was taking to T-mobile concerning the issue on my HTC one when on LTE and tech support claims it knew nothing about it.

  • Robert Thomas Johnson

    Ik the note 2 needs a software fix because Im having a memory program like I have 2 gb left of storage on my phone and it wont even let me update any apps that are like 30mb it makes no sense someone has to fix this issue.

  • jakthebomb

    I noticed a day and night difference with my HTC One. They changed the boot animation with a T-Mobile LTE logo, Prior to the update I would get 1 to 2 bars of LTE service, now I get 4 to 5. I also noticed that switching from HSPA+ (Which T-Mobile calls 4G) to LTE or 2G is more seamless. I am a Verizon Customer who was trying an HTC One on T-Mobile to switch and sofar I am very happy with the Service. Please note that I reside in the Tri-State Area near New York City.

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